Wrought Iron Fence Welding Costs Reviewed


Your wrought iron fence offers many advantages over other fencing materials, but it will still require the occasional repair work. The most common type of upkeep you’ll perform is wrought iron fence welding.

If you were considering trying to do the job yourself, be mindful of the inherent risks involved. Wrought iron fence welding involves using a specialized wire welding tool that heats up bolts of steel into molten-hot, liquid form. A small mistake could result in very serious injury. At a minimum,  you could be dealing with a sloppy welding job.

Wrought Iron Fence Welding Requires A Precise Approach

If the wrong welding material or device is used, the material will either not heat up enough or it will not be strong enough to hold the fence repair job secure for long periods of time. Amateur welding work can lead to a number of injuries including vision loss because the welding process is so bright. More importantly, burns and respiratory problems can also result when proper precautions are not taken.


Wrought iron fences are great for security. They are incredibly solid and provide a classic look. This is partly why they have remained as popular today as over a century ago. Considering that it won’t cost you a fortune to hire a wrought iron fence welding specialist, the best approach is to keep your fence in top shape but not letting rust or damage pile up.

You can have a wrought iron fence welding professional come out and assess the condition of your fence and offer you a customized estimate. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is provide your zip code in the space below and local fence repair specialists will reach out to you shortly. They’ll offer you no cost, no-obligation quotes for their services so you’ll easily be able to compare two or three estimates and decide which company is offering you the greatest value.

How Much Will It Cost To Weld Wrought Iron Fence?

Most wrought iron fence welding jobs will range in price depending on several different factors. The average job can cost around $300, but without gathering some of your specific information and requirements it can be virtually impossible to get an exact figure.


In many cases where wrought iron fence welding is required. Different types of welders are available that have the capability of welding more or less material. A professional wrought iron fence welding professional will know what grade of welding device will be sufficient to output enough material to adequately repair your fence.

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