The Top 5 Benefits of Vinyl Fencing For Your Home


If you’ve never heard of the word vinyl being used when it comes to fencing, you might be a little put off about it. But, really, this is becoming one of the most commonly used materials in fencing and there’s good reason for that!

Not only is vinyl fencing available in all sorts of designs; but colors too.  Each company that you purchase your fence from will have different color variations, but it pretty much goes without saying that they will all have the most basic colors including; white, green, tan, black. Other variations include; gray, red, yellow, dark blue, etc. These vinyl fences tend to have a “wood grain” texture so you can even make them look like wood by purchasing colors that are wood-centric like brown or tan. Here are just a few of the top benefits of using vinyl for your outdoor fencing:


1.  It Won’t Rust Or Rot

While wood fences used to be really popular, vinyl is taking over because it does not rot and it does not need to be painted. You CAN paint it if you want to though!  Also, unlike metal fences that rust over time, a vinyl fence will never rust. The overall maintenance on these fences is minimal; clean them with a hose and warm water when it gets dirty, and that’s about it!

2. Stronger Than Other Materials

If you always thought that wood was the strongest fence material available; think again! Vinyl fences are 5x stronger than wood. Five Times!  These fences will last for decades if not longer depending on where you live in terms of climate. Because these are so strong and versatile you can use them to close in your backyard, use them in the front yard around your home, use them to keep horses in their corral, or even around a swimming pool for extra safety.

3. They Are Affordable!

No matter what project you start in or outside of your home, the price is always something you think about.  Vinyl fencing is incredibly affordable.  It costs less than wood and iron, and if you take into consideration the lack of maintenance needed, as well as how long this fence will last you, it’s pretty obvious that this is going to be a good investment on your part.


4. Easy To Install

As always, when you have something installed in or outside of your home, there is a fee or a labor cost tacked on.  But, these vinyl fences are actually so easy to install that you can do it yourself.  Even if you do decide to hire someone you can guarantee it will cost less in terms of labor than it would if they were installing a wooden or iron fence.

5. They Add Privacy

Unlike iron and wood fences; vinyl fences come in all sorts of designs, one of which uses one-piece panels. This completely eliminates a fence post which means you won’t have little spaces in between the “slats” on the fence.  Some of these fences come in 6-8 feet tall so if you need privacy or want to hide something like a dumpster or equipment, this is a good way of going about it.

Vinyl Fence – Super Attractive Aesthetics

These are just a few of the benefits of vinyl fencing.  It’s easy to care for, it’s pretty affordable, easy to install, it comes in colors so that you can match them to your home and they can be used for all sorts of situations.  If you’ve been looking for a good fence material for a while now; maybe it’s time to give vinyl fencing a go.