How Much Does It Cost To Install a Chain Link Fence?


Whether you have children or pets, a pool, or just want some separation from your neighbors, a chain link fence is one of the most affordable ways of installing visible boundaries for your property.

Now, while it is less expensive than a cast iron or even an all-wood fence, it doesn’t mean there are no variables at play. By educating yourself on these different expenses, you’ll have a better idea as to what you will likely spend, even before contacting the contractors.

How Much Does Chain Link Fence Installation Cost?

If you are looking at installing a brand new chain link fence around your property, consider these pricing factors. From different kinds of chain links to their strength, it is more than just the size of your property. Some of these pricing elements include:


  • different types of chain links
  • labor costs
  • additional services
  • your regional location
  • scope of the job

Different Kinds of Chain Links

A chain link is made up of wire, it is not just one size fits all. Some chain links are more rugged and designed to keep objects and animals either in or out. If you have a dog, they likely are going to test the measures of your fence. A thinner fence might bend or give a bit more. A thicker, more versatile fence is going to cost more, but it also protects your animals from escaping.

Labor Costs

Some contractors are going to quote you a price with the labor cost included. Always ask what exactly the labor cost is going to be so you can properly compare it to other contractors in the area. Some contractors charge a flat labor fee while others will charge by the foot.

Your Location

Your regional pricing trends as well as the accessibility of your property can impact the bottom line. If you are in a remote location, transport costs and more can be added to your fee.

Additional Services Required

Oftentimes, there are some hidden fees in the cost to install a chain link fence. These fees might not be present or even known by the contractor until the job starts. They may need to dig out some roots or other issues may come up while installing the posts. Also, check to see if the quoted price includes the cost of screws, bolts, a door, and other attributes you’ll need on the fence.


Chainlink Fence Installation Cost

The cost of a new chain link fence installation also comes down to the property you own. Naturally, the larger the property, the more it costs. Realistically, you can get a chain link fence for sometimes as low as $700 but without discussing your specific needs and requirement with a local installer it would be nearly impossible to get an exact figure.