Barbed Wire Fence Repairs And Costs Reviewed


A barbed-wire fence is a great way of keeping livestock or smaller animals enclosed in a specific area. Equally, it’s also a common way to ward off intruders on the perimeter of your property. Moreover, a barbed-wire fence is a relatively affordable type of security fencing when compared to other types of fencing.

However, when it comes to barbed wire fence repair, the top priority should always be “safety” due to the fact that this type of installation can be dangerous. The potential for bodily harm here is real that is often associated with a barbed wire fence repair job gone awry that enlisting the help of a trained professional is always recommended.


The Cost To Repair a Barbed Wire Fence

At $15 – $20 charge per ft. of fencing that needs repair isn’t much. A trip to the hospital for some stitches would easily exceed that amount. The fact of the matter is that most people underestimate how dangerous this type of installation could be…even for the most enthusiastic DIYer.

Keep in mind, however, that the average barbed wire fence repair job will run you $17 per ft. But as with any remodeling, installation, or repair job, it’s always a good idea to compare and discuss rates with two or more local experts before making your final decision.

Safety concerns aside, pretty much anybody can set out and wrap some barbed wire to patch an area that’s been broken or damaged. The real question is, how long will that amateur patch job last? Do not be surprised just doesn’t hold up for more than a year or two. A professional with a good reputation will do a job worthy of at least a decade or more before additional upkeep is required. This is in part why you have to

It’s not just about wire, the posts also need upkeep.

In addition to the occasional need to replace torn or worn wiring, posts will also have to be replaced over time. If your fence holes aren’t properly dug, you can expect some problems and even a full repair in a couple of years. Keep in mind too that there are specific types of wood best suited for a fencing material that will hold up longer than others.


In some cases, when your barbed wire fence repair team visits your home or ranch, they’ll take a look at the current condition of your fence first and assess before committing to any installation.  Occasionally, the installation of an entirely new fence may be recommended and instead of having to move the animals, a new barbed wire fence can be erected alongside the old one. Then once the new fence is up, the old one will be torn down, saving you a lot of hassle.

Before you start worrying about the possibility of needing a new fence, however, it’s best to get a professional estimate from at least 3 experts in your local region. This will not only aid you in seeing what the status of your old fence is and what sort of costs will be involved to carry out a repair job, but also a chance to figure out which contractor will be best for your project. Also remember that barbed wire fence repair pros are in your area and are more than willing to visit you and provide a no-obligation, cost-free estimate for their services.