How Much Does Wood Fence Installation Cost?

Wood fence installation can greatly improve the privacy of your home, garden, lawn, or swimming pool. It may also enhance safety by preventing children or pets from leaving the yard. Some fences delineate property lines or protect buildings from thieves.

Regardless of its purpose, wooden fencing typically has a desirable appearance and sturdy construction. Due to the difficulty and complexity of this project, many homeowners hire contractors to perform wood fence installation. These professionals dig holes, pour concrete, attach rails to posts and complete several other vital tasks.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood Fence?

Installation involves considerable labor and material expenses. On average, professionals charges also depend on the scope of the job, materials, supplies, and additional tools that may be required. Among other things, contractors must purchase wooden panels, waterproof sealants, and hardware.


Depending on your specific needs, they might also charge you for gates or reinforcement bars. Generally, a basic gate costs about one-quarter more than an equivalent length of fencing. Professionals build other expenses into their prices, such as insurance premiums and commercial truck maintenance.

The Most Significant Fence Pricing Factors

Different styles, lengths, heights, and shapes can raise or lower the cost to install a wood fence. Decorative features frequently add to the price. You’ll also pay more if your fence isn’t a straight line, rectangle, or square. Preassembled gates are less expensive than custom units. The specific species of tree used for your wood fence installation is important as well. For example, cedar costs up to 100% more than pine. Redwood has an attractive appearance but fetches even higher prices. You can save money by choosing a lower-grade wood from the same kind of tree.

  • size, shape, and style
  • the terrain of your property
  • are there any obstructions
  • depth of the post holes
  • wood grade and species

Low, High and Average Installation Fees

Few homeowners spend less than $2,000 when they hire contractors to install wooden fencing. This might be enough money to fund a relatively short pine fence. However, on the higher end of the scale, you could be paying more than double this rate. You may spend this much if you want a fairly long cypress fence with multiple gates. But without comparing estimates in your local region, there is no way to get a more accurate idea of your regional pricing trends.  People often pay high amounts when they desire cedar or redwood fencing. The need to remove old fences, stumps, or rocks will also boost the price up to a substantial degree.

Local Factors

Various local factors should be taken into consideration as well. Wages, delivery costs, lumber expenses, and permit fees vary from one state or city to the next. Your area’s soil composition and terrain could also affect fencing installation rates. Some types of dirt necessitate taller posts and deeper holes.

If you are considering wood fence installation, you can obtain precise local estimates from professional wood fence contractors by requesting your FREE estimate. Compare prices so you get the best value for your money. It’s completely FREE and you’ll be under no obligation to buy a fence.



Wood fence installation is not simply a DIY task. Amateur work and low-cost wood can easily reduce the lifespan of your fence leading to more costly damage repair. This project is usually handled by professional contractors with relevant training and the appropriate tools.

Is Electric Pet Fence Repair Worth The Cost?

If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your pets safe and secure. With an electric pet fence, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your animals are always protected and secure without having unsightly, and more costly fencing around your property.

Electric pet fencing can provide containment for your beloved pet without the traditional physical boundaries. This doesn’t mean that your electric pet fence won’t need repair after some time. It is important to remember that you should have any damages you find repaired as soon as possible in order to ensure your pet’s safety. In addition, it’s generally recommended to leave this type of repair project to the professionals due to the potential dangers associated with these types of repairs.


How Much Will It Cost To Repair An Electric Pet Fence?

You can expect your electric pet fence repair cost to range from as low as $100 for a smaller, less complex repair to as much as $600 for a larger, more difficult electric pet fence repair. There are a variety of factors that can affect your cost, however, so comparing estimates from local installers is the only way to go if you want to figure out a budget. Factors that can affect your bottom line include:

  • Regional location
  • Current pricing trends
  • Frequency of fencing
  • Landscape preparation needed
  • Grounding of fencing
  • Number of strands
  • Distance between posts

It is important to discuss any issues or concerns that you may have with your professional. Your contractor can survey your unique situation and identify any potential underlying issues that can affect your bottom line and offer a variety of budget-friendly solutions in order to keep your costs reasonable without sacrificing quality or function. While every situation is unique, some common repairs with electric pet fence repairs can include:

  • Wire breaks
  • Malfunctioning pet collar
  • Improper frequency setting of the fence
  • Improper installation of grounding rods
  • Landscaping interference



Depending on the size of your electric pet fence and the complexity of your repair needs your costs can vary significantly. It is important to understand the total cost of your electric pet fence repair before you commit to or begin your repair project.

How Can I Find An Electric Pet Fence Repair Specialist In My Area?

Finding the right contractor for your electric pet fence repair is one of the most important decisions you can make. With the right experienced professional, you can avoid costly mistakes during your repair project that can ultimately affect your bottom line.

Comparing estimates from local professionals will ensure that you have the opportunity to not only compare the best rates but also find an installer more suited to your particular installation.

The Top 5 Benefits of Vinyl Fencing For Your Home

If you’ve never heard of the word vinyl being used when it comes to fencing, you might be a little put off about it. But, really, this is becoming one of the most commonly used materials in fencing and there’s good reason for that!

Not only is vinyl fencing available in all sorts of designs; but colors too.  Each company that you purchase your fence from will have different color variations, but it pretty much goes without saying that they will all have the most basic colors including; white, green, tan, black. Other variations include; gray, red, yellow, dark blue, etc. These vinyl fences tend to have a “wood grain” texture so you can even make them look like wood by purchasing colors that are wood-centric like brown or tan. Here are just a few of the top benefits of using vinyl for your outdoor fencing:


1.  It Won’t Rust Or Rot

While wood fences used to be really popular, vinyl is taking over because it does not rot and it does not need to be painted. You CAN paint it if you want to though!  Also, unlike metal fences that rust over time, a vinyl fence will never rust. The overall maintenance on these fences is minimal; clean them with a hose and warm water when it gets dirty, and that’s about it!

2. Stronger Than Other Materials

If you always thought that wood was the strongest fence material available; think again! Vinyl fences are 5x stronger than wood. Five Times!  These fences will last for decades if not longer depending on where you live in terms of climate. Because these are so strong and versatile you can use them to close in your backyard, use them in the front yard around your home, use them to keep horses in their corral, or even around a swimming pool for extra safety.

3. They Are Affordable!

No matter what project you start in or outside of your home, the price is always something you think about.  Vinyl fencing is incredibly affordable.  It costs less than wood and iron, and if you take into consideration the lack of maintenance needed, as well as how long this fence will last you, it’s pretty obvious that this is going to be a good investment on your part.


4. Easy To Install

As always, when you have something installed in or outside of your home, there is a fee or a labor cost tacked on.  But, these vinyl fences are actually so easy to install that you can do it yourself.  Even if you do decide to hire someone you can guarantee it will cost less in terms of labor than it would if they were installing a wooden or iron fence.

5. They Add Privacy

Unlike iron and wood fences; vinyl fences come in all sorts of designs, one of which uses one-piece panels. This completely eliminates a fence post which means you won’t have little spaces in between the “slats” on the fence.  Some of these fences come in 6-8 feet tall so if you need privacy or want to hide something like a dumpster or equipment, this is a good way of going about it.

Vinyl Fence – Super Attractive Aesthetics

These are just a few of the benefits of vinyl fencing.  It’s easy to care for, it’s pretty affordable, easy to install, it comes in colors so that you can match them to your home and they can be used for all sorts of situations.  If you’ve been looking for a good fence material for a while now; maybe it’s time to give vinyl fencing a go.

How To Protect Your Fence From Rotting

Fencing is what helps add privacy to your property and protects children, pets, and cattle from wandering away from their safe zones. It can add visual appeal and value to the property of your home, and serve as a way to protect beautiful gardens from certain destructive wild animals.

For these reasons, it is essential to know the best ways to protect your fencing from rotting so it can last as many years as possible. After all, wooden fencing can be costly and not everyone has the deep pockets to replace their fencing whenever rotting begins to happen.


What causes fencing to rot?

Before we discuss the ways to protect fencing from rotting, let us discuss the causes of a rotting fence. One of the main causes of a rotting fence is water and damp soil.

Anytime wooden fences become exposed to water they mold and decay from the inside out. Some fencing will grow moss. Another main cause of a deteriorating fence is insects. Insects such as carpenter ants and termites love eating decaying wood that’s become damaged by environmental factors. Knowing the methods to protect your wooden fencing is essential for getting the most life out of it.

What are the methods for protecting wood fencing?

Coat with Beeswax: If you are looking for an eco-friendly method for protecting wood fencing then beeswax is the way to go.

To use beeswax you melt it down into a liquid that is comfortable to the touch and dip a rag into it. Then you rub the beeswax all over the fencing and allow it to soak into the material for at least 24-hours before installing it around the area desired. With that said, some people do apply two to three layers of beeswax to the wood to repel water and insects from damaging it.

rotting-fence-poleSoak in Copper Naphthenate: One of the best ways to protect your fencing from rotting is by spraying or soaking it down the fencing with a wood preservative such as copper naphthenate. You can find this product at most home improvement stores and hardware shops. It does the job when it comes to repelling insects away and keeping dampness out of the wood.

Place Aggregate Under Each Fence Post: You have to dig holes into the ground so fence posts can provide support to fencing, but before you do that, you want to add a good few inches of aggregate to each hole. This will help keep the rain and groundwater flow away from the post with ease, which prevents water rot. If you want something that will protect the bottoms of each fence post a bit better you can pour cement into each hole and drop the posts into the holes immediately afterward. Both working amazingly well for helping your fencing last as long as possible.

With that said, you may want to apply a silicone coating to the base of your post before inserting it into the ground with the concrete if you live in colder areas. This is because moisture and cold mixed together could cause cracks in the concrete and cause the fencing posts to move and split. Anytime wood splits moisture and insects can get into it with ease and destroy the material.

Use Insect Resistant Woods: To build your fence it is always best to use insect-resistant woods. Some of the best kinds are:

  • Cypress
  • Cedar
  • Black Locust
  • Redwood
  • Heartwood

With this bit of information, improving the length of life you get out of your fence should come with ease now.

Compare Estimates Fence Repair from Local Experts

Getting the right company on board to install a new fence is half the battle already won. As with most home remodeling, installation, or repair jobs, comparing estimates is arguably the most important part. This will allow you a chance to, not only spot a good deal but also get a feel for your regional pricing trends. More importantly, you should get a feel for which contractor will;l be more suited to your unique project. Be sure to compare at least 3 estimates before you settle on any company to do the work.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Chain Link Fence?

Whether you have children or pets, a pool, or just want some separation from your neighbors, a chain link fence is one of the most affordable ways of installing visible boundaries for your property.

Now, while it is less expensive than a cast iron or even an all-wood fence, it doesn’t mean there are no variables at play. By educating yourself on these different expenses, you’ll have a better idea as to what you will likely spend, even before contacting the contractors.

How Much Does Chain Link Fence Installation Cost?

If you are looking at installing a brand new chain link fence around your property, consider these pricing factors. From different kinds of chain links to their strength, it is more than just the size of your property. Some of these pricing elements include:


  • different types of chain links
  • labor costs
  • additional services
  • your regional location
  • scope of the job

Different Kinds of Chain Links

A chain link is made up of wire, it is not just one size fits all. Some chain links are more rugged and designed to keep objects and animals either in or out. If you have a dog, they likely are going to test the measures of your fence. A thinner fence might bend or give a bit more. A thicker, more versatile fence is going to cost more, but it also protects your animals from escaping.

Labor Costs

Some contractors are going to quote you a price with the labor cost included. Always ask what exactly the labor cost is going to be so you can properly compare it to other contractors in the area. Some contractors charge a flat labor fee while others will charge by the foot.

Your Location

Your regional pricing trends as well as the accessibility of your property can impact the bottom line. If you are in a remote location, transport costs and more can be added to your fee.

Additional Services Required

Oftentimes, there are some hidden fees in the cost to install a chain link fence. These fees might not be present or even known by the contractor until the job starts. They may need to dig out some roots or other issues may come up while installing the posts. Also, check to see if the quoted price includes the cost of screws, bolts, a door, and other attributes you’ll need on the fence.


Chainlink Fence Installation Cost

The cost of a new chain link fence installation also comes down to the property you own. Naturally, the larger the property, the more it costs. Realistically, you can get a chain link fence for sometimes as low as $700 but without discussing your specific needs and requirement with a local installer it would be nearly impossible to get an exact figure.


Wrought Iron Fence Welding Costs Reviewed

Your wrought iron fence offers many advantages over other fencing materials, but it will still require the occasional repair work. The most common type of upkeep you’ll perform is wrought iron fence welding.

If you were considering trying to do the job yourself, be mindful of the inherent risks involved. Wrought iron fence welding involves using a specialized wire welding tool that heats up bolts of steel into molten-hot, liquid form. A small mistake could result in very serious injury. At a minimum,  you could be dealing with a sloppy welding job.

Wrought Iron Fence Welding Requires A Precise Approach

If the wrong welding material or device is used, the material will either not heat up enough or it will not be strong enough to hold the fence repair job secure for long periods of time. Amateur welding work can lead to a number of injuries including vision loss because the welding process is so bright. More importantly, burns and respiratory problems can also result when proper precautions are not taken.


Wrought iron fences are great for security. They are incredibly solid and provide a classic look. This is partly why they have remained as popular today as over a century ago. Considering that it won’t cost you a fortune to hire a wrought iron fence welding specialist, the best approach is to keep your fence in top shape but not letting rust or damage pile up.

You can have a wrought iron fence welding professional come out and assess the condition of your fence and offer you a customized estimate. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is provide your zip code in the space below and local fence repair specialists will reach out to you shortly. They’ll offer you no cost, no-obligation quotes for their services so you’ll easily be able to compare two or three estimates and decide which company is offering you the greatest value.

How Much Will It Cost To Weld Wrought Iron Fence?

Most wrought iron fence welding jobs will range in price depending on several different factors. The average job can cost around $300, but without gathering some of your specific information and requirements it can be virtually impossible to get an exact figure.


In many cases where wrought iron fence welding is required. Different types of welders are available that have the capability of welding more or less material. A professional wrought iron fence welding professional will know what grade of welding device will be sufficient to output enough material to adequately repair your fence.

Barbed Wire Fence Repairs And Costs Reviewed

A barbed-wire fence is a great way of keeping livestock or smaller animals enclosed in a specific area. Equally, it’s also a common way to ward off intruders on the perimeter of your property. Moreover, a barbed-wire fence is a relatively affordable type of security fencing when compared to other types of fencing.

However, when it comes to barbed wire fence repair, the top priority should always be “safety” due to the fact that this type of installation can be dangerous. The potential for bodily harm here is real that is often associated with a barbed wire fence repair job gone awry that enlisting the help of a trained professional is always recommended.


The Cost To Repair a Barbed Wire Fence

At $15 – $20 charge per ft. of fencing that needs repair isn’t much. A trip to the hospital for some stitches would easily exceed that amount. The fact of the matter is that most people underestimate how dangerous this type of installation could be…even for the most enthusiastic DIYer.

Keep in mind, however, that the average barbed wire fence repair job will run you $17 per ft. But as with any remodeling, installation, or repair job, it’s always a good idea to compare and discuss rates with two or more local experts before making your final decision.

Safety concerns aside, pretty much anybody can set out and wrap some barbed wire to patch an area that’s been broken or damaged. The real question is, how long will that amateur patch job last? Do not be surprised just doesn’t hold up for more than a year or two. A professional with a good reputation will do a job worthy of at least a decade or more before additional upkeep is required. This is in part why you have to

It’s not just about wire, the posts also need upkeep.

In addition to the occasional need to replace torn or worn wiring, posts will also have to be replaced over time. If your fence holes aren’t properly dug, you can expect some problems and even a full repair in a couple of years. Keep in mind too that there are specific types of wood best suited for a fencing material that will hold up longer than others.


In some cases, when your barbed wire fence repair team visits your home or ranch, they’ll take a look at the current condition of your fence first and assess before committing to any installation.  Occasionally, the installation of an entirely new fence may be recommended and instead of having to move the animals, a new barbed wire fence can be erected alongside the old one. Then once the new fence is up, the old one will be torn down, saving you a lot of hassle.

Before you start worrying about the possibility of needing a new fence, however, it’s best to get a professional estimate from at least 3 experts in your local region. This will not only aid you in seeing what the status of your old fence is and what sort of costs will be involved to carry out a repair job, but also a chance to figure out which contractor will be best for your project. Also remember that barbed wire fence repair pros are in your area and are more than willing to visit you and provide a no-obligation, cost-free estimate for their services.